Every Day Holiday

Allie and I celebrated a holiday every single day of 2021.

Featured on Muse by Clio, SF Chronicle,  LBBOnline, NOWNESS Asia, Good Day Sacramento twice and our local newspaper

In 2021, we...
built a little free library for a preschool,
got our ears pierced,
played Monopoly on the World’s largest board,
went ghost hunting,
played real life mario cart in downtown San Francisco,
visited the world’s largest artichoke,
toured some bee hives,
met NPR’s beloved podcast host, Rachel Martin,
went snorkeling with a marine biologist,
hosted an outdoor comedy show in our backyard,
created an Every Day Holiday mascot,
got tattoos,
went on a Fibonacci walk,
wore a plunger on our heads,
went to Alcatraz at sunrise,
had an international pillow fight,
created our own coffee crawl,
adopted a cat,
celebrated a woman named Earlene,
dropped acid,
texted our exes,
dyed my hair pink,
went to a nude beach,
rented out a movie theater,
went up in a hot air balloon,
chopped potatoes at a food kitchen,
tried luxury toilet paper,
skinned a goat at an ecovillage,  
visited the famous San Francisco bison paddock,
presented the weather live on local news,
hosted a cookie swap,
got our aura photos taken,
put a pillow on our fridge,
performed horrible poetry at an open mic night,
participated in a drum circle,
lit up San Francisco’s City Hall in blue and orange
rode BART in our underpants,
hosted a pug meetup,
visited a hummingbird sanctuary,
found and made friends with another Jason Goldberg,
carved a watermelon into a pig,
made bobbleheads of ourselves,
tried the sourest candy in the world,
bought our fist fountain pens,
hosted a cherry pit spitting competition,
screamed in the middle of the woods,
flew across the country to feel like a kid again
and so much more.

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