art director at erich & kallman

new belgium brewing - digital videos

CD: Eric Kallman
CW: Mike Cardamone
AD: Jason Goldberg

astral tequila - digital videos

CD: Eric Kallman
CW: Mike Cardamone
AD: Jason Goldberg

fruit by the foot - tv

CD: Eric Kallman
CW: Mike Cardamone
AD: Jason Goldberg


In the summer of 2016, Matt Klugman and I interned at Carvana. They've gained a reputation as "that company that sells cars out of giant vending machines." But people have a hard time understanding this concept. We were asked to make something to announce the launch of 2 new car vending machines in Houston and Austin.

our original pitch

They liked it. So they made it -- and took it to SXSW.
CD: Paul Keister
CW: Matt Klugman
AD: Jason Goldberg


NotUrFace is a "high fashion" t-shirt companythat takes a person's face, puts it on a shirt, and sells it to a stranger.


We created a website that invites users to donate their face and buy a shirt.Like this: Donate or buy a face at and

how did we come up with the idea?

Fashion mogul and introvert, Jaddy Baldberg, called us up. He just gave it to us. No one has ever met Jaddy Baldberg in person. That's why Maddy Baldwin and I, Jason Goldberg, were so honored that he called us.


As a part of our April 1st launch, we released a 7 page spring/summer lookbook. We were confident that this would put us on the map in the fashion world.

Noturface three hour telethon

noturface POW

A week after our launch, we announced NotUrFace POW!, a service similar to Amazon Now. Customers in Richmond now have the option to have a shirt blasted through their second story window via the patented NotUrFace Faceblaster™
CW: Maddy Baldwin
AD: Jason Goldberg

laundry day - miniseries

CW: Kelly Cabaniss
CW: Jenny Yoon
AD: Steph Langan
AD: Jason Goldberg

chiquita campaign (spec work)

Bananas are a funny yellow fruit. It's time we celebrate them for all the things they can fix.


nana hut

Driving long distances is taxing and sometimes you need a little energy boost that doesn't make you pee, like coffee.

nana clock

nana truck

This truck travels around metropolitan areas to bring bananas to people when they need them most.
CW: James Gross
AD: Jason Goldberg

birkenstock campaign (spec work)

Birkenstocks contoured footbed makes them comfortable.


public benches

Birkenstock benches replace seats with Birkenstocks bolted to the ground.

birkenstock festival

The Birkenstock music festival is free to enter, but you can only stay as long as you can stand.


There's only one way to make your Birkenstocks more comfortable, with Birkensocks.
CW: Maddy Baldwin
AD: Jason Goldberg